Dirty Daddy By Spammy Hendrix Read Count : 31

Category : Stories

Sub Category : Drama
My name is Johnny James I have a 15 year old daughter named jakayia I'm married to Olivia James we been married for 25 years
I'm a hip hop artist and a known child molester the first time I finger fuck Kayla was last night while listening to R.Kelly 
I smack her butt she said no Daddy I kiss her mouth Daddy stop look goddamn it u gonna take daddy's dick little girl or ur grounded for a month what the hell is going on here Johnny what the fuck u doing to my daughter I kill u you dirty bastard u can't run from johnny hoe I got that dirty dick u love call me Daddy I stick my cock in your mouth goddamn you I'm calling the police hello 912 shit u retarded hoe u dial the wrong number I slap the fuck out of u 
Daddy stop put the gun down little bitch u gonna shoot your daddy hello Johnny we need u in the studio dog I can't family issues pow no Johnny u killed my husband u bitch put that gun down 

The end 


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