Unthinkable- Unacceptable Read Count : 30

Category : Poems

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What compelled an educator to assign her students to write a funny caption to a slave  picture  
SLAVE/FUNNY - unless you were an enslaver or sick enough to prescribe to this belief there is not legitimate rational
Not now- Not ever!
Inexcusable - unforgivable 
Comedy for a condition UNLIVABLE 
This issue could fill a book 
But with a quick look 
Praise to the students who took command
With an exceptionional demand
Enough said though the issue is not dead
Until this  disgusting belief is erraticicted 
With peace and freedom for all- anticipated Our work is not done
For our world- for our nation-for humanity
There is no place for - SLAVERY/ FUN


  • Oct 06, 2019

  • Oct 08, 2019

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