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Have you ever had that really rude obnoxious boyfriend, well I have had like three of those, and lemmie tell you, you need to let them go like now, if you don't know what kind of boyfriend they are, here are some signs

  • .Not telling you everything about them

  • .Them not letting you see there phone

  • .Making secret phone calls

You ever had a clingy boyfriend i had one of those ugh I will tell you some stuff, but not everything you know like let me have my space dude, if you have one of those let them go to here are some signs

.Wanting to know everything about you (even stuff you want to leave behind you)

  • .Calling you every 5 minutes

  • .Never giving you space

  • .Always around you

And finally the boyfriend you should never let go, I am in a relationship with one of these right now he is actually sitting right here, Signs

  • .Flaw are cute

  • .great personality

  • .Awesome to you

  • .Sits with you at lunch

  • .Will dress up with you at Halloween

  • .Loves you no matter what

These are the main types of boyfriends you should ship or dip

  • Hope you enjoyed it love yallπŸ’–


  • nice...πŸ¦‹πŸ¦‹πŸ™ƒ

    Oct 06, 2019

  • Trinity Brown

    Trinity Brown

    i love this girl

    Nov 14, 2019

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