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Masked Ghost

Me: Actually, I do not feel comfortable to tell you about my family. One thing you can to know. I just lose my family, that's all.

Patrick's mother nodded slowly with a soft and sad smile.

Patrick's mother: That's okay to not tell me. You have the right to keep secrets. I won't force you to get out of your words.

I looking at under her eyes. I want to kill two birds with one stone. One: I hate to make eye contact Two: I don't want to make Patrick's mother think that I am being rude.

Patrick's mother: However, I want you to feel comfortable. If you need any help, just tell me. You can even come over anytime.

Whoa, she sounds like my mother. My mother is always nice. She even buys $100 worth of food for homeless people.

Me: Thank you so much. I will let you know if I need help.

Patrick's mother: That's good. Ah, you can call me "mom" if you want.

Me: Ah, okay... Momma.

The realization strike on my head. I suppose to call her mom, not momma. My head feels hot. I hope that my face not coloring.

Momma looking at me surprised. But it seems delighted to hear me. Curse you, brain.

Momma: Well, Patrick is in his room. On the third floor, left the side and at eighth doors on your right side. You will see his name on the door.

Me: Get it. Thanks.

I smiled. I stand up and wave at Momma. I walked into the elevator and pushed the "3" button. I got used to this maze map. Since I have a very big mansion. I still live there. Since who would sell the smaller house to 12 years old girl?

Elevator arrived on the third floor. I walked out of the elevator. I, suddenly, feel that I am not alone. Kai is on the first floor with Arianna. (She doesn't know about it.

I look left and right. Repeat it in the pattern while I walk into the left hallway. Patrick's not lied. That's definitely the ghost. But I can't snap of this feeling that ghost is strong, stronger than evil ghosts that I fought before.

I spotted the sign on the door. "Patrick". I grabbing and twisting the doorknob.

Suddenly black with mask ghost appeared and attacked me. I jumped and landed far to tenth doors. Two doors to Patrick's room. I made the scythe appeared on my left hand. Ghost disappeared. I took my eye patch off. The eye patch is weakened my power. I have a hard time to control my power. Normally for Supirittoherupā 5 years old children to learn how to use their power with parents' help. But I just rolled into 5 years old when my family was gone. So I never have a chance to have my mom teaching me how.

The ghost still not there, even if I use a forced x-ray.

I ran to Patrick's door. And try to reach the doorknob, the ghost appeared again. But this time I made a sudden attack. I swiped the ghost with a scythe. But it dodged.

Me: Why you try to kill me?!

I shouted. Lucky, I not loud enough for everyone in the mansion to hear me.

The ghost's hand raised and the small knife appeared. He pulled his hand back as far as possible. I realized, he was about to throw me a knife. I walk backward slowly.


The small knife cut the air and soar toward my head. I jumped again. I can jump higher than the tallest tree in the world. But I don't want to hit the ceiling with my head so I just jump up to my height.

The knife flew below me and hit the wall. Lucky, the wall is made of hard plastic, the knife fell on the floor. I landed next to the fourth door, halfway to Patrick's.

The ghost disappeared again. I was pretty sure that he doesn't let me near Patrick.

I decided to shout Patrick's name.

Me: Oroka Patrick!

Patrick opened the door so fast after my one minute ago yelling.

Patrick: Yoko?! Are you okay?!

I nodded.

Me: I am fine. I just almost get killed by this ghost you just mentioned in school.

He shakes his head slightly.

Patrick: No, that's not fine.

He grabbed my wrist and dragged me again. He led me to his room.


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