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It was a dark and stormy night in the waves of the ocean when moving nicely fats the trees are banging back and forth everything was quiet and dark until someone named Elizabeth look up in the sky beautiful lights and it was the light of heaven shining through this light was so important to Elizabeth she would never forget this it's like it was like it changed her life forever Elizabeth I have never seen anything like this before Elizabeth was 16 years old her dad had died when she was 3 her mom is really sick and she is working a part-time job that is she is losing she's losing her house she lives in the apartment and she barely has any food to keep her alive she is a very busy lady Elizabeth saw that lights and then she Wonder without light make me some money without the white feed my mom without light feed mean will it get our new clothes will get us a new house Elizabeth. This is my true destiny this is what I need to do this is r i t lock until they're not Elizabeth walked she took a picture of that bright light in the video and then she turned it that picture and video was so important she made hundreds of dollars every week cuz he was on the news it was everywhere on the TV that changed Elizabeth's legs they got a 3-bedroom house with an upstairs her mom has the proper money to buy her medicine and everything was just back to normal until it wasn't everything was going great how do thoughts Elizabeth had a secrets Elizabeth was hiding from my mom that she was sick too Elizabeth was getting cancer Elizabeth had nothing left to do but pray this time Elizabeth needed time well her mother Arlene knew nothing about this she was losing her hair I have to wear a wig it was the worst experience of Elizabeth's life but she knew that one day it would be back to normal she knew that one day should feel normal like everybody else but that day was taking too long Elizabeth got so sick that she could barely go to the hospital in time she threw up everywhere it had this terrible headache she was so so sad and everybody was so worried friends and families from other states came from everywhere with flowers and people when she discovered this everybody came over from all different countries and towns just to see her with flowers and everything else but two weeks later Elizabeth passed away her mom was on her own she said nothing why she wasn't having what's the Lord and savior said that it was time for her to go she thought each and every day keep my mom safe make sure she has everything that she needs make sure that she will not start up hungry anymore make sure that she will be healed and I would you ever it takes to make sure that she is taken care of thank God kept his word that she had it Elizabeth mother was healed Elizabeth mother was cleansed and she felt she felt like she was 10 all over again this was the best miracle that ever happened to Elizabeth this was great and you just needed so yes Elizabeth she said Elizabeth had passed away but not in her mother's heart Elizabeth would be with her each and every day in her dreams. Elizabeth's mom what's the best thing that ever happened to Elizabeth and they say Elizabeth what's an Angel that's booking from light and guess what she was.


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