Miserable Ending. Read Count : 24

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Who the hell would've ever guessed that I'd die this way?
As I lie here, in pain, panic, and fear,
I know that the ending is near.
I am bound to die a miserable death.

As I lose the ability to see and speak.
All, I feel is his body on top of me.
All his weight holding me down.
He told me to worry only about the pleasure, not the pain.

Why would he do this to me?
I'm his sister after all.
What is wrong with him.

I've let go of everything, gave it all to him.
Hearing him tell me, "I love you!" 
Just Isn't the same anymore.

I'm broken.


  • Abderrahmane Benj

    Abderrahmane Benj

    guessed not gussed ☺

    Nov 08, 2019

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