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Hey, hello
Don't run Mum
It's me Fabulous
I'm not a drunkard
Yes.. It's true that ....
Along the roadside
All call me drunkard
But I'm not,trust me Mum
It's my case or problem
Love that make me drunk
Love, yes love...no more
You know her,that lady
She said it right here
Love,mother fuck
That I'm no more qualified
I'm no more ........hrrrr
Worthy to marry her
Mum,where is my fault
Puuuuf,excuse me
I'm confused
Huuummm,human nature
Is that so Mum....hrrrrr
I'm not a drunkard
If it's so, she is the wine
I advice my self
For love ,full stop
I prefer you Mum
I'm still your son
                                                      KING Ben Fabulous


  • take heart

    Oct 04, 2019

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    Oct 04, 2019

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