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My heart burns uncontrollably. 
I am fiercely passionate.
I love hard.
I obsess.
The fire has permanently taken it's abode in the quarters of my heart.
I try to explain it but I can't find the words.
Sometimes I look for myself and I don't find me. All I find is this thing, this fire.
It brings so many emotions but it is in itself, not an emotion. It's a flame.
It brings joy. But a weird kind. A joy so intense it pierces, almost hurts.
Sometimes it brings unhappiness, an inexplicable type, because I'm lost in its blaze so I can't do the things I want, all I do is follow the direction of the blaze.
And yet it brings fulfilment. Contentment. Gladness. All in huge doses.
I can't feel a little of anything.
Its adrenaline rush is a lot more intense than that of flying.
A kind of high that all the drugs in this world, put together, would not be able to achieve.
This love thing was never an emotion. It's a force. The greatest force.
It is defiant or gravity, takes no notice of electromagnetism and is downright disrespectful to friction.
I don't recall when exactly it got a hold of me, but I remember that because of it, I was a strange child, never like the other kids.
I couldn't play, I was learning to be alive, I was teaching my heart to be strong, and training myself to be resilient.
I couldn't give in, still can't.
I believe.
I hope.
I help.
I conceal dirt.
I build. Even without bricks, I still build.
I protect. Even at my own expense, I still protect.
I love. Even when it hurts, I still love.
Passion overtook me.
Zeal consumed me.
The fire found a home in me.
I love not my life
So I'm not afraid to die. 
I don't have a life
So you can't scare me with death. 
I ceased to exist when this thing took a hold of me.
Am I gonna tell you how I feel?
I don't know how I feel. I don't know how to feel.
I'm on fire.
Unquenchable fire 


  • Maurice  Beres

    Maurice Beres

    You seem to feel many things but with an emphasis on passion 🦋you appear to be strong and definite in some areas If you were content in your Life I would not interject this-but you do not seem content 🦋you may want to evaluate what would give you a better life and see if that is realistic 🦋otherwise Your life may continue to swirl around as It seems to be doing now🦋

    Oct 04, 2019

  • KING Ben Fabulous

    KING Ben Fabulous

    take heart

    Oct 04, 2019

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