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When one  wears a mask on the outside 
It changes  nothing that lies within
You become two different people 
On the outside you’re performing 
The real you is deep under your skin

You carry the facade when needed 
An impression that’s not really you 
The issues you live with are hidden 
Creating  a life more askew

I understand why you made this selection 
It seems like safe thing to do
It’s basically for your protection 
How long can you follow this through 

Eventually the truth gets revealed 
Often the most strongly concealed 
When issues of pain come exposed 
It confuses the plan you’ve proposed 

Instead of diverting attention 
It increases the level of tension 
There may be a price you may pay
But you also may find a new way

Answers takes time and reflection 
It could lead to a better selection 
You may just find
That you have peace of mind with respect for your honest direction 


  • Oct 04, 2019

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    Oct 04, 2019

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