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When facing “life-threatening” disease it’s a bit challenging to digest all at once. When you get the diagnosis usually you’re not expecting to hear The dreaded C-word.  Hearing from the doctors mouth that I had cancer was totally foreign to me. But rather than panicking and falling apart and picking out plots and caskets I decided that I was going to heal and I was going to live to see my grandchildren. I found something to live for.  My son at that time was the most important person in my life next to my parents and I didn’t want him to see me suffer I wanted to be a superhero his hero his champion. And to this day I have no regrets because I’ve seen my bodily radically heal itself. It took mental transformation to happen first in order for the physical transformation to happen plus I had to speak words of life over myself. I had to change things up and do things radically. I knew my lifestyle was on a highway to the grave and I had to slow down. 


  • Sep 12, 2019

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