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What is wifey material? Is it someone you can wake up to everyday? Is it someone who got your back thru the worst of the worst times? Is it someone who was your high school sweet heart? Who is somebody you are passing time with? Somebody who helped you leave a bad relation or situationship because she had somewhere for you to stay? Are you sticking around because the sex is so good and you dont know how to walk away? Somebody you have a baby with, on accident,  and she wont let you leave? 

Now let me break it down to you.. Wifey - first off, she isn't material, material isn't rare and you can find material anywhere.  I found my wife, and she is the rarest of the rare. You can't shop for my wife.someone capable of being your wife should be committed to adoring you, compromising for you, sacrificing for you, completing you... Your wife should never discard your views, never break you down, show she trust you, believe in you, support you and build you up. A wife will share the same dreams and goals that you have, she should want to bring something to the table to show she is in it with you every step of the way. No matter what yaw go thru, you always find your way back to love. 

Fellas, if you have someone in your life with these qualities then you need to hold on, that's a long prosperous life ahead of you.and for all you hoes out there that ain't about none of that but you have a man, he just passing time or just fuckin waiting for his window to bounce.


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    Aug 31, 2019

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