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Overcoming Issues is an event for me 
It gives me satisfaction 
t’s a main attraction 
Even the most mundane of tasks
That the able bodied just do
Are challenges every day 
The price my body must pay
I’m really not complaining 
Just trying to make a point 
As my health continued waning 
When dealing with the hurt
Never take for granted  
The normal gifts you’re given
To do the things I used to do
I try because i’m driven
With all the obstacles in my path
Like many many others 
We are connected with our plight 
Like sisters and like brothers
We don’t ask for sympathy 
Merely understanding and respect 
They’re basic human needs 
We fight daily to protect 
I’m one of the lucky ones I have my family and friends 
Writer’s Outlet to work my brain and share without an end
When we meet and share our lives 
The many just like me
We ask what we’re entitled too
To live in harmony 


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    Aug 31, 2019

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