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A bit too early every morming,

Before I am ready to start my day,

I hear your sweet voice calling out;

"Good morning, momma, I'm awake!"

So I make my way over to your room,

With sleepies still in my eyes.

Every morning you smile the same,

A face that is brighter than the sunniest skies.

You walk sluggishly to my arms.

You curl up on my lap.

You tell me about all your dreams,

And show me, again, how you can almost snap!

After you eat, feed your puppy

And take her for her morning walk,

You imagine, explore and play all over,

While I sit back and listen to you talk.

You are so intelligent beyond your years.

Everyday you find new ways to blow my mind.

I could search the entire universe,

But a daughter better than you, I'd never find. 

You will never know how much time I've spent

Watching you grow, learn, sleep and play.

You would be surprised I ever got anything done,

I spent more time watching you all day. 

After you play and eat all your lunch

Then take your puppy out once more,

You crawl into your bed and ask for your pup,

And take a nap, since you're only four.

You want to be grown up more than anything.

You ask me almost everyday;

"Momma, when will I be big like you?"

"Too soon, stay little as long as you can." I say. 

It feels like just yesterday we heard

Your beautiful heartbeat for the first time.

I was so scared to be a mom so soon,

But you were my gift from God sent at the perfect time.

I can still hear your beautiful first cry

Echoing in my head.

I can see you crawling, walking, and talking

And getting your first big girl bed.

You are a momma's girl

A stick tight, everyone can see that,

But I wouldn't change a thing about you.

I love your voice, smile, humor and laugh.

And those ocean eyes of yours,

They're the most gorgeousl I've ever seen!

Your light blond curls fall so beautifully

Around your happy face and perfect cheeks.

You are so outspoken and tough like momma

No one will ever be able to knock you down!

You have the sass and attitude of a diva princess

And there is no one who can touch your crown!

You test my patience and push my every button.

I know, I know, it's what kids do.

Then only seconds before momma finally snaps,

You take my hand, kiss my cheek and say, "momma, I love you!"

After your nap, we enjoy a snack,

And take your puppy in training out again.

We enjoy some time in the fresh air playing

With sand castles, dirt, cars and dolls before we go in. 

My favorite nights are the ones we can walk.

When the sun just starts to disappear,

I love hearing what your mind comes up with.

There's no place I'd rather be than here. 

I get to spend everyday with you

From the moment you wake up to when you close your eyes.

I am grateful daddy works so hard for us

Everyday I feel like the luckiest mom alive!

My favorite part of our days together

Is our lengthy nighttime routine.

Eating family dinner, bath time, brushing teeth and hair

Picking up toys, choosing jammies and bedtime stories. 

Hearing your favorite parts of the day

And anything you'd change for tomorrow.

What dreams you can't wait to have

And how many kisses you want to borrow.

I love that you pick chapter books for me to read at night

With only a picture here or there

And the plot is far beyond what 4 year olds grasp

But you focus page after page and listen free of care.

Once the chapter is over, you always want one more.

One more chapter, one more popsicle, one more minute with the phone.

One more hug, one more kiss, one more drink,

Please momma, just one more snuggle and prayer, sleep in my bed so I'm not alone.

You're the most empathetic human I know,

You feel everyone's pain before they're in the room.

You know your momma is lost and tired,

And would do anything to cuddle with you.

So of course it's always one more

Just one more of everything you asked for

One more "I love you momma" "I love you baby girl" 

"Goodnight momma" and "I love you more!"

Your little arms stretch around my neck

And pull me close and squeeze so tight.

Your tiny fingers lightly rub my cheeks, forehead or arms,

Like I used to do for you every night. 

You gently kiss my nose, so I kiss yours.

I gaze into your sleepy blue eyes

You whisper, "momma, you're beautiful."

"So are you baby girl,  time to sleep sweets, goodnight!"

Some days I yell, I get angry, and I'm a mean mom.

Some nights I lie awake thinking about what I would change.

What could I have done differently to handle things better?

Did I destroy all her life lessons because I was having a bad day?

But all the fears that I'm a bad parent

Immediately leave my mind,

As I watch her play with other kids and baby dolls...

She is loving, sweet, caring, patient and kind. 

She is the only thing I have to offer this world

And for the longest time that thought scared me

But seeing who she is and who she is growing up to be

Makes me feel more than proud to call her my baby.

And at the end of each long, tiring, test-filled day

No matter the bad or good we went through

When she asks me to snuggle,  I'll always say yes,

Because I never know when it will be my last chance to!

As she finally drifts off to sleep in my arms

I stay by her side just a bit more than I need to.

Just to watch her beautiful little face at peace asleep

Until I kiss her head and whisper one more time;

            "Goodnight, sweet dreams my princess, forever and always, with my whole heart, I will love you!"


  • Maurice  Beres

    Maurice Beres

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    Aug 31, 2019

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