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A wedding ceremony is a once in a lifetime event which takes a lot of planning and involves not only family and friends but also different activities at the reception area. The reception area may be indoors or outdoors but either way, there are a variety of ways that the wedding planner might do the decoration. 

The wedding tents will of course, come in different sizes and quality depending on the functionality and preference of the client. The wedding tents are usually well-designed and necessary for most outdoor events and while they are stylish, their main aim is to protect the guests from the weather.

The wedding tent manufacturer will essentially determine the kind of tent that will work for that particular day because of their vast experience and the number of guests that will attend. 

The tents also come in quality raw materials with different specifications, colors, and texture. Here are some factors to consider when decorating a wedding tent.

1.	Right size and Tent Type
This will be dependent on the budget and the number of guests that will be attending the event. The common types of tents used in weddings are century, frame and structured. If the tent is too large or too small the flow may be interrupted. 

2.	Theme 
The wedding tent should have a decoration that will accompany the color of the bridesmaid dresses and the colors used to rhyme with the decoration.

3.	Pick a Model 
The wedding tent supplier can help you to choose from either pole tent which have poles at the center or structure and frame tents which are open and support heavy equipment.

4.	Early reservations 
This has to take place early enough because of the limited supply of tent styles and sizes. 

5.	Use of Adorned Fabric
Draped fabrics are used around the tent pole with colors that match the theme. This is an easy method of decoration which saves on cost. Mixing of the decorated fabric with string lights increases the attractiveness of the tents in a big way.

6.	Tent Ceilings
Adornment of the wedding tent ceilings can occur using natural flower and flower prearrangement, which will add beauty and attraction to it.

7.	Lighting
You can coordinate the theme with colored lights, which set the mood from the ground and color gels can work as an option. The types of optional lighting are twinkling, decorated, tube string. The tent can also be lined with string lights which can be used when it gets dark and for free access around the area. An electrician will also come in handy to ensure that the lighting fixtures are safe and secure.

8.	Flowers
The flowers to be used can be arranged in different ways and they are great for covering up the tent reception. 
Choice of Tents during Occasions

The idea
It would be great to have an impression about which decoration would be used by the client so that the wedding planner would have a clear picture.

Seating & Guests
The wedding tent capacity should be able to hold a specific number of guests and so their arrangement must be planned. The totality of guests to be accommodated will be reliant on the guests sitting at each table and the tables themselves. If there will be a buffet, cake cutting, and gifts receiving area more space will be required.

Site magnitude
The size of your site and the number of guests will determine the size of the wedding tent, while access to utilities like cooking amenities and restrooms must be observed.

If the site is in a windy area then it would be easier if the wedding tent manufacturer has designed the tent with sliding walls to protect the guests and decorations from the wind. The site also must be inspected well in advance to deal with any potential concerns before the event.

Tents are appropriate for every kind of activity and it is important to do research and have knowledge on which tent type would be suitable for your needs. In order to get the best results when it comes to wedding tent decorations, it is good to involve a wedding planner so that the event is successful.


  • Aug 30, 2019

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