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I was walking home since school was over.I was happy and I loved hearing birds singing and butterflies flying.I felt weird somehow, I looked around and..I saw someone hiding just looking at me.I walked fast as I can,I grabbed my keys and opened the door as fast as I can.I locked my door and closed all the windows.I made sure that he wont get in.I checked the window and he was in front of my house staring at me,waiting for me to get outside.He walked towards the house saying."come out alice,i want to be with you forever".I cried and I was very scared.
It was getting dark so I got ready for bed,at 12:30pm I heard knocking on my window,I checked and..I saw this guy...I screamed and then he ran and broke into my house.I grabbed a knife and my phone then I hid fast as I can.I hid in the closet.I heard him.."come out come out wherever you are,I just want to be your friend forever my love"
I was so scared,I called the police.They arrived and got inside the house fast.They saw the guy and arrested him.
Police:"I'm glad your ok,this guy is a psycho he stalks girls and rapes them then kills them to death"
I was shocked..I was so happy that I called the police,if I didnt I would already be dead.


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