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-I was 5 years old,it was 9:00pm time for me to go to bed.I was in a peacefully sleep.It was 3:24Am,I heard a noise in my closet.I wanted to check but I was scared.
Morning,I went to my parents room and I told them everything. "Its probably a rat alie".She didnt believe me,I told my dad."I'll check alie".
That night,my dad hide behind the curtains to see who was in my closet.3:12am the noise started.My dad checked and he screamed and took me and my mother out of the house.
I told my dad what he saw.I forgot I added camera in my closet and I ran back home and grabbed the photo fast.I ran outside,I saw it..I was shocked,It was a monster with black eyes that were bleeding.A big smile with blood on it.He had cuts all on his face,I called the police and I showed them the photo.
"Oh no..this guy"
I was confused
"This guy hide in every girls closet to look at them sleeping"
I was very shocked.I moved away to California and I never returned to New York never ever again.I hope I dont see this guy never again.


  • Aug 30, 2019

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