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Their were 4 people in a room with metal chain your one of them then you here "I want to play a game." A Sacrifice will be made a hint of blood droped confess the truth all of a sudden these chains attached to a helmet on you starts moving forward heading straight to a saw .so you start thinking a hint of blood then it clicks you tap your finger on it and it stops when your blood dropped but only 2 others were lucky the last person was asleep so  next game the chains move more and you hear another noise that say "I want to play a game you must confess your lies or die up high"then you see the chains going up so the 1st person says"i killed somone" the second says"i lied" then you say "I've killed before"then all the all the chains stopped and a door opens and you here "I-you get the point  this challenge get on the carisell in front of the guns one gun will go off the caricell will go twice 1 will die"you get on and it spins twice one dies  you guys pressed and you hear agin "I-i give up get in the chair and keep pressing the button if your lucky you wont die"so 1 dies so your the last one 1 more challenge till you win"1 more game till you win I've hid 1 key to the door in one of your teeth pull out your teeth till you find it"so guest a numbre of your teeth in the comments if you win you go three if you dont win you hang around.


  • This comes out a bit confusing, I recommend working with this a bit so it's easier to read.

    Aug 30, 2019

  • Bentley Williams

    Bentley Williams


    Aug 31, 2019

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