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I have seen the face of death 
I have felt its piercing pain
I have battled back to living 
My efforts not in vain

We fought the noble fight
My family and me 
For ten years day and night
To control grief and feel free 

The scars of death remain
As part of life’s cruel burn
We have learned to cope 
Back to life we did return 

The burden that you carry
That holds you in distress 
Refers to any issue 
That’s robbes your happiness 

To those who lost a child 
Or deal with different pain
The cause is what you battle 
For happiness again

We who are survivors 
Of this deep most tragic tale
Are only normal people 
With new hope we’d unveil

If we were able to do this
Then you can do it too
You have to gather you strength and will
To recapture life anew 

The message is quite simple
But the process is quite tough
You may be asking yourself again 
Do I want this bad enough “

You may be also saying 
“I’m too far gone to change “
You’re echoing our feelings then
But our lives were rearranged 

As it is with all solutions
The choice is in your hands
Find groups and those who you can trust 
Yes-Those who understand


  • Aug 29, 2019

  • The strength that you show us each day is so very inspiring. Thank you for this beautiful injection. 💜

    Aug 29, 2019

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