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This time around, things are bound to be different. 
Time to lift up.
Don't slip up.
Fill this internal cup all the way up.
Hatred, has been fermented and I damn well won't give into the sated. 
Fuck it all.
It ain't worth it all. 
Just keep this current mindset and fuck everyone who thinks they know about regret. 
Yeah,  I've got many.  
Keeps coming in plenty. 
No time to stop or I might end up rusty. 
This new me ain't got time to deal with potentially,  I'll just be here partially,  happily,  like nothing will ever bother me.  
A ticking time bomb just waiting to explode. 
Another lost soul about to be sold for a future encased in what seems to be gold.  I won't ever fold,  I'll just keep getting cold the more I mold into a new kinda bold.  


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    Aug 29, 2019

  • nice

    Nov 10, 2019

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