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Sub Category : Comedy
When angel safe the world from darkness and evil, mean people who are trying to ruler the world with darkness and evil there girl and are going to stop them angel and Kate Angel and Kate will end this with Evil and darkness from rule ring the world are trying and the world angel frights them and wins darkness gets stronger and angel stronger than darkness and angel powers got every strong to take them down Kate is rock out when angel beats darkness Kate wakes up angel it's ever know you're all safe now, there not coming back here Kate angel thank u for saving all of u angel welcome to all angels power is really the strongest girl in this world she keeps this world safe from evil and darkness from rule ring this world Angel stop them for good she really strong takes both down one minutes, her powers are so strong to take bad people down She is a hero of this world she is so powerful angel in this world to protect from evil and darkness evil plans the world is safe as long as angel is around  a lot safer place with angel no haves to worry about danger from evil and darkness so angel makes sure they don't come back here ever again so she stays there just in case any trouble on this in this world she haves everyone in this is watch over all of people all around the world the end


  • Armando Delgado

    Armando Delgado

    This could be good, but the Grammer errors. I might sound mean and I'm trying not to I'm just pointing out what needs improvement.

    Aug 28, 2019

  • beautiful

    Aug 29, 2019

  • Ashlee Bud

    Ashlee Bud

    thank u

    Aug 29, 2019

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