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       Standing on the smallest mountain, looking at the biggest journey out there. The smell of the morning grass as its blades are carried by the wind which touches my face tickling my hairs as it blows softly, leading me to follow its mellow rush towards the trees. The sounds of the birds echoing in the distance, as i take my first step out of the cave and into the Forrest. 

      Frightened by the unknown sounds, but the light carries my path clear and bright, carrying a slight ounce of courage. Without a care in the world the time flies by farther into the woods i ventured, tip-toeing, running from noises, i felt my tummy rumble, and for that moment i had to face choices, Do i continue and hope to find a berry tree? Yet i had no idea what a berry was being a cub newly out on my own.

     Do i leave this path down to the stream and do what momma bear does, hunt fish? B-but i didn't know how to momma always told me to stay near, and that the stream was to powerful for a cub like me. All these thoughts proceeded to intrude my mind **Do i turn around and go home? After all i made it this far.** I decided to take my chances and follow down to the stream and came across a berry tree. (sniffs. Sniffs) they look alright to eat.

      I wondered again took myy chances and ate all the berries off that tree and began to continue to the stream, shortly after i fell asleep. When i woke up i had no idea where the path was or how far i had to go, was momma looking for me? Suddenly the smell of fresh water stung my nose and began again on my journey finally making it to the steam.

     By then i had no idea it was close to dark, scared as the sky darkened and noses i haven't herd surround. Quickly i ran to the biggest tree and hid under its branches full of leaves..*(hoot)* shaking wh-whos there, *(hoot)* shakes harder "hoot its okay young cub ill protect you," said the whites most glorious little night owl. 


  • nice story

    Aug 28, 2019

  • Aug 28, 2019

  • O, wat sweet description! yes, indeed, and a Wise owl will always protect! K8TBeth

    Sep 01, 2019

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