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Day 1...........I start high school tommorow its gonna be very bad theirs this kid called Greg litz/THE BIGGIST BULLY  he's so mean one time he hit me so hard I passed out this dude is rude and spits on your food LIKE WHAT THE HECK I could have gotten rabies.                          day 2...........school was horrible today we got another bully but this one was worse today she hit me with a locker door your probably thinking that's not gonna hurt but our lockers are metal like soo much metal  this new girl is gonna give me so much axiade tomorrow is  Friday so yah.          day 3........ 1my freind got a girl freind so he ditched me his girl avery is brain washing him........................                                                                                                                                                                                               please freind me like for part 2


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    Armando Delgado

    I think it's great.

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