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From start to beginning, 
ending the last book scared, 
Easing upon the cover, 
ah yes,
Such a beautiful cover indeed
Reading the intro 
i seem a bit more prepared,
A new chapter..

Page one
This time each word
Like hallelujah sung..
Reading forth graceful
Each word being spun
A new chapter..

Page two..
Feeling like i know you..
Breaking to your pain
Laughing at the funny
And out comes i love you 
I continue to read
Deeper with concentration
Coma ..pause
Intensely making my way down
The page
Takes a breath..
Oh my gosh.
This book 
Delicate and fragile
Yet im super
Excited to read
A new chapter

Page 3
Defined by her glory, 
More and more 
each detail screaming 
Reading more into this story
Each word, captivating each sentence 
Each paragraph detailing Her essence
(Holds book) 
Half way through page 3,
She is like an angel sent to me,
I am know more secure
And am almost sure 
She and i are meant to be 
Page 3. 


  • Aug 29, 2019

  • woman U spin UR way w/ words so eloquently, yeah!

    Sep 01, 2019

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