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The love for life has bled out, her veins are thin and cold.
She once believed that happiness was royalty and gold.
She's seen devastation, time and time again.
Just the consequences of living life in sin.
She's had many aspects of how life's sposed to be.
They all had there purpose as far as she could see.
None of them had suit her, she always felt confined.
She go onto another and leave the last behind.
Its a constant struggle, not knowing who you are .
Life is unpredictable and can be quite bizarre.
She knows she can't be something, that she is really not.
That's the only thing she knows that she has really got.
So she continues searching for the reason she is here.
And the reason that she wants to just Up and Disappear.
Charlotte 2019


  • Aug 29, 2019

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