Tier High School: Aydin Ep. 13 Read Count : 42

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Beth: Hello.

Luna: Hello? Beth is this you?

Beth: Yes. Sorry for calling you so late, its urgent.

Luna: What is it?

Beth: Its Aydin, I haven't seen her for awhile, I'm worried. Is she, by any chance, with Elon?

Luna: Elon has been at the gym all weekend. I'll have him look for her, for you.

Beth: Thank you!

Luna: No need to say thank you.

Elon comes to the phone.

Elon: I'll find her now.

Beth: Thank you, Elon. Forever in your debt.

Elon heads out to search for Aydin.

Aydin: When my boyfriend comes and find me, you'll wish you never messed with me!

Stranger: Shut up already about your damn boyfriend. Annoying.

Aydin: Someone help!

Stranger: No one can hear you.

Boy 3: Clearly your wrong, cause I did.

Aydin: What are you doing here?

Boy 3: Heard a girl screaming, you, and came to see what was the danger.

Aydin: Now I feel embarrassed..

Stranger: Leave if your not here to save her.

Boy 3: Her boyfriend will be here, his hearing is way better than mine when it comes to loved ones.

Stranger: Whatever, the other two will be here soon.

Boy 3: Other two?

Stranger: Yes. Sex Trafficking Ring, never heard of them?

Boy 3: I have. I was part of one and stopped over a dozen lf them.

Stranger: Well, two other girls are being dropped off and dozens of bidders are coming from all over for these lovely ladies.

Boy 3: No can do, cause her boyfriend is freakishly strong, and he can wipe out an entire school if he wanted too.

Stranger: I dont care. If any of you come near them I'm killing one of you and all the girls.

Boy 3: Jeez man.

Aydin: Elon!

Stranger: Finally they're here, and perfect timing too!

Girl 1: Somebody, help us! Please!

Boy 1: That voice!?

Stranger: Bidding starts at 1,000 yen!

Boy 3: That's my sister! Molly!

Molly: Mike?

Mike: Molly!

Girl 2: Mike save us please!

Mike: I will Malia!

Stranger: Intervene and they get it!

Elon: Personal Freeze! You have a minute to move everyone over on this side.

Mike moved all the girls over near Elon.

Stranger: What the hell!?

Elon: Me and her mom have been worried sick about her. Tier 5! Activate! Now you'll you'll y the punishment!

Stranger: Hah, I'm not scared of some teenagers. Especially you! Almost lost the School vs School.

Elon: Black Hole. You annoy me.

Elon went home with Aydin. Mike and the other two girls went home as well.

Beth: Im so glad you're home safe and sound!

Aydin: Me too.

Elon slept on their couch. Beth went upstairs to bed. Aydin kissed Elon goodnight.

Aydin: I love you.

Elon Sleeptalking: I love you too.

Aydin chuckled and went upstairs to bed.

Aydin: He's so cute.


  • Sep 25, 2019

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