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   Sometimes we face many challenges and struggles, but there comes a time whenever we must face the reality of who we are. I have been facing a spiritual journey, filled with confusion and the bedazzlement of our world. I have seen things, that I know few men or women have seen throughout their lives. I've seen difficulties far worse than my own, and I've seen people and the worst positions lift themselves up into the light. There's something mysterious about this power, which flows around us. As if an ancient knowledge has been grappling with me, and trying to guide me to the right path.
   I realize though, I'm not as special except for the fact that I'm just myself. No heroic powers a slight, no ability to teleport myself, or even walk through solid objects. I've done things of enormous good, and things which I greatly regret. This is the world we live in, and these are the choices we are made to face everyday. It's difficult to decide right and wrong, when you're put in a position where there's right and wrong on both sides. People like to argue from their own point of view, but have they ever tried arguing from the central point of view? Instead of their own?

"The value of human life, is more precious then all the wealth of the world. A child's happiness is what helps make the wealth of a world."


  • Aug 28, 2019

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