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I was meeting mom in town for a mother daughter day. Someone was having our son overnight so I thought I’d come home and we could have some us time but we had a massive argument before I left because you didn’t want me going. I still went. While I was out you constantly text and called saying all sorts of horrid things. I kept it hidden from mom the whole time or she never would’ve let me leave. Instead of coming straight home I walked around town a little to clear my head, as I headed to the bus stop I bumped into him. He recognized me, my heart leapt into my throat as he started talking “Jane? How are you doing? Wait why are you here on your own this late? Where’s... your boyfriend?” my head went crazy, how was he being so casual with me? I snapped out of my daze and answered him “I’m okay thanks, I’ve been out having a mother daughter day... honestly I should’ve been back a while ago but I needed a clear head before going home. How are you?” He frowned “do you want to sit and talk?”. My stomach twisted and turned, I thought of what you would say or do when I got home but then I looked up at him and smiled “that’d be nice". We walked to the church and sat down on one of the benches, it had started getting dark. “Jane, is he still abusive?” I looked at him and shrugged “he just gets mad when I...” he stopped me “ it’s been a year since we last spoke and I can see that your not yourself, he’s no good for you, you need to stop taking him back , he’s done awful things to you and he’ll do more". A tear escaped my eye and rolled slowly down my face, he caught it with his thumb and wiped it away. “look what he’s done to you Jane... remember when you told me you’d wished I would’ve come along and took you away from it all?” I nodded in response “I’ll do it... I haven’t been able to get you out my head and I know it’s the same for you. Have my number and keep in touch, If you need me I’m there, okay?”. I was gobsmacked I didn’t know what to do, I told him that if you found out I’d be better off dead and he shook his head in disbelief. “I’m not letting you go this time, especially not to someone like him. Your not safe and your not being hurt again...” I started crying and he wrapped his arms around me. He was warm and smelled good, he made me feel safe, I stopped crying and pulled back so I could look up. “Your serious about this aren’t you?” he placed a hand on my face “dead serious” then pulled me back into a hug. After a few minutes he told me I should text my family so they know I’m okay, in case you contact them to find me, so I did and mom text back “ okay, be safe, stay in touch... I’ll call the babysitter" . By time I’d finished that he had already booked a hotel room for me and text his brother to say he’d be late home . He drove me to the hotel and checked me in, I asked if he’d stay with me for a bit and he said “ of course, come on let’s get you settled”. We headed up to my room and just sat and talked, he ended up ordering food and making sure I ate. A little later on I told him he should get home but he laughed and told me he didn’t want to leave me alone, so I told him he could stay. He did, I went and showered and snuggled up in bed with the telly on, he insisted on sleeping on the couch but I asked if he would hold me for a while before we slept. He climbed into the bed next to me and wrapped his arms around me, he kissed the top of my head and I giggled, he pulled back “what? Was that funny?” I looked up at him “no I just wasn’t expecting it". He smiled then leaned in and started kissing me, I didn’t stop him.


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    Aug 27, 2019

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