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Speak what is real
Speak what is true 
Speak what you feel 
As if it was someone speaking to you

If what you’ve heard has you reeling 
As you start to get burning anew
Remember that person has feelings 
Explain carefully your view

It’s normal to react 
When you feel you were attacked
But you make a better argument 
If you discuss in detail what you meant 

This takes some patience and control 
Don’t think of the half-think of the whole 
Relationships with value are rare
Consider and compromise is one way to share

It can continue as a future with friendly 
If your words are carfully straight and direct
Diiscussing the issue when things settle 
Your friendship will flourish with a peaceful renown


  • Aug 27, 2019

  • Good advice.

    Aug 27, 2019

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