The Voices Read Count : 29

Category : Books-Fiction

Sub Category : Suspense/Mystery
 It was almost 2 in the morning when I was suddenly waken up to loud screams and voices. I was in sweat again the room was cold I always wake up with sweat all over me. I sat up on my bed and put on my glasses i looked around, I went down the stairs and there, there was a female with long black hair in a red dress she was gorgeous I went up to her and she faded away this seems to always happen everytime I wake up, I heard a voice it screamed "HELP HELP" I looked around me and seen the female again but this time she was in blood and tied up I closed my eyes and open them and she disappeared I went to the other side of the mansion and went into my study I sighed and picked up a book I read the book many times but yet its my favorite book its called "the haunting"  I than heard a noise coming from the kitchen I gotten angry and walked to the kitchen and found nothing. I turned around to see the same female but she was ugly and close to my face I closed my eyes again and opened them and she was gone I started laughing I stretched and played with my hair a bit I gotten a drank and looked up I smirked and went upstairs to my bedroom I laid down and said goodnight honey but the thing is my wife is dead and her corpse is still with me


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