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Hello sometime I feel trap in my own thoughts and like I'm alone with people around me like I can't no one ever got they thoughts on me and I respect that but I want to tell u what is going on in my head why I think the way I think or why I act the way I act. Someone people thinks it's funny behind those jokes are a sad and depressed person and it's like I'm stuck in this hole and it keep getting deeper and deeper like I pass the latter that was there I pass the stairs that was there and now I'm trap and the people that said I should trust them is the ones who push me down there with my thoughts and demons that I cant get away from them if I'm drowning my demons know how to swim at lunch at school people would usely sit with me all the time but the crazy thing is that in my mind it's like me sitting at a table by myself it's like taking a bullet for someone and they was the ones who shot me not in the head or back in my heart and when u ask them why they did it they would say they dont know why. It just happen and there nothing I can do so many things but it's like someone yelling ran when u don't have legs to do it. That's what going in my head. Slowly my heart hurts I'm breaking down fast and people are breaking me and I let them do it it's like I don't even try to stop them it hurts to know a person that u love would do something to u so wrong where all u did was to love them and they use that against u.


  • Aug 27, 2019

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