The Circle Of Contrasts Read Count : 22

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Life and Death 
Young and Old 
Sickness and Health 
Peace and War
Passion and Pain 
Growth and Destruction 

The Circle of Life continues 
Like a Ferris wheel turning round 
We are all passengers 
Living the contrasts we have found 

The motion is continual
It will not stop for you
Until you’ve facing death’s front door
And have a different  view 

This Circle with the hands of time 
The challenges appear
You’re charged with facing all of them 
With threats of varied fear

You also will encounter 
Just like a brand new toy
Experience to cherish
Both happiness and joy 

The balance of the contrast-
Differs with each one 
What tips the this contract scale 
When three elements are one 

Your decision -faith and fate
Combine to find direction 
It may not work as you prefer 
But is designed to give protection 

The hope that we enjoy the ride  
When our personal trip did start
To battle and conquer the painful days
With a contented- joyful  heart 


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