Life Full Of Surprises Read Count : 17

Category : Books-Fiction

Sub Category : Horror
   There was days where I would stay up late and look at the ceiling and start judging myself looking at my insecurities and damaging myself. There was days where I will cry alone because I feel like other females are better than me and I would never be perfect for anyone its not about love and its not about being afraid of being alone its the fact that I want to feel wanted I want to feel the love emotion I have found it but..of course there is other females that come in and try to steal that love from me most of us are yanderes and if you know what a yandere is. This story won't be a problem than there always those thoughts that pop up like psycho thoughts where your killing and killing and blood is all over where your so satisfied with the thing you did but than you wake up and realize its not real and its illegal for it to be real those days where you wanted the purge to start so you can kill everything on sight and be free no one understands how my mind works they can't I always laugh when people die its funny ..when they are getting stab to death or when they are getting chop up or you know etc. Anyways this is just the starting of my writing


  • Aug 26, 2019

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