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Me being a young lady briskly, walked from the seminar hall to my cabin. Moving the curtains in my cabin I  sat on my  CEO chair. Since two years I am sitting in this post but that did not  give me a complete peace.

It's been 10years. Nothing about him faded away from my memories. The way he calls me sonu and plays with my hair still looked fresh in my mind.
I did not expect us to create fantasy type of love story. I needed from him was just a normal love story but he failed to give me. Today I am regretting for meeting him in my life.

As I was drowned in my own thoughts  the one and only male I trust in my life rishabh entered inside my cabin. "Sam, you need to check on a medical company which will be opened in Bangalore. It's five crore capital project" jatin said to me "is it a partnership firm or sole trading conern" I questioned him. "Madam please let me complete" jatin spoke with a small irritation over my quick question. Well what to do being a CEO I need to be quick. "Actually the business is started and a new company wants to keep a partnership with them. So before moving with further contract they wanted to check the details about the company before they could invest" jatin said and called the client who I need to speak. "Just a consultation right?" I questioned rishabh  and asked him to call the new client.

Each time I hear the word medical it just reminded of dev. Yes, He was the only man I loved. He was my first and last love but I had no clue about where is he? I never thought like this a day would come in my life. I left my family for him but he left me for his ex. I still don't feel like telling he ditched me but I always feel like I cheated myself. No one is responsible for my metal depression today. It's just me I thought to myself and looked at my laptop. My face was reflected and I deeply looked into my eyes in the laptop screen. It still reminded me about him. My dark chocolate brown eye lens made me emotionally weak.

"She hated her eye colour
Called it,  dull dirty black
She wished for the deep blue
And it pained me when I realised.

You had never seen it like I do

They hold sparks of the sunlight
They shine bright in the night
They're a fix of dark chocolate
They're dark but still sweet

That I find it hard to meet

When you were tired of speaking
They spoke lots to me
And I hope you never say again
It's dull dirty black"

- harsha

Those words just made me cry more.
That was the first time I read his poem. Moreover that was really special for me because it was the first poem he wrote. Which made the above poem more extraordinary was he wrote it for me.

God, if we weren't meant to be for each other then why did you make me meet him?
I silently wiped my tears and waited for the new client.

The door opened and I heard rishabh's voice. stopping riahabh, there was  another voice. That voice really l looked a little familiar to me. "May I come in respected madam" that harsh male voice sounded little polite with the way he bought his politeness in the language. "Please sir" I said and turned my head towards the new client controlling all my tears.

The tall guy who I thought I would look in the white coat with scethescope around his neck stood before me wear a black coat and a bunch of files. Harsha the way I said his name from my mouth made years slip from my eyes but I controlled. I just shoke my left hand and order jatin to leave from my cabin.

The person standing opposite to me just stared at me from top to bottom. His eyes scanned my waist which was little visible due to my messed up Saree. I causally adjusted it. I honestly felt like hugging him tight and just screaming how much I love him in his ears. I looked at his fingers to find  out whether he still loves me but there was a change in the ring in his ring finger. He forgot you sam. May be he might now completely belong to someone else too. What made him come back to me today just like I met him 10 years back. 

I had a unique love story with him.
We met each other in social media but that later turned into a long distance relationship and now it's hanging some where. Wait not hanging but its over he freaking threw me out of his life even though he clearly knew that a small break up of fictional couples  in the story books I read could make me cry for a month.

Missed you harsha..... I feel like just releaving our lovely moments again.

This is a true story I have tried to recreate events, locals and conversation from my memory. All rights are reserved under my name SAMIRA I don't feel the need to tell my family name or surname as I lost in the journey of my life. No part of this story shall be reproduced as it's close to me and my own personal life.

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