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we are in a world where we are the only saviour of our life. No one is going to save you.Tomorrow your life may not be the same as it is today.You may not get another chance to live your life the way you want.If you think what people would say then you would never be happy in your life. If you want to thank to the people who appreciated you in everything you did and supported you in your life, do that now cause you might not get tomorrow.

Today I am here to tell a story of a boy who sacrificed all his dreams just for his family and for the statement that says,"what people would say?". But at last something happened that changed everything and made him think twice and this time his family supported him to fulfil his dreams and to live his life the way he wanted.

So the story goes on this way.A year ago, a boy was in the toilet of his college when suddenly he felt nauseous and passed out which cause him to fall on the floor.The boys near to him ran toward him to see what happened . Then they took him to the emergency room of the college where he was treated by the nurse.When he asked the nurse what happened to him.The nurse just said that it caused due to weakness and thats all.Hearing to the nurse he felt relieved and after taking some rest he went to reattend his classes.

Days went on and he often used to feel nauseous, Severe headache and sometimes felt vomiting in a month or may be less than that but he never bothered to care about that as he always used to think that thats happening due to his physical weakness.But that does not meant that he did not visited the doctor.He used to but not to the highly professional one but to the nearest clinic centre.

Five and a half months passed in that way.He used to go college and also used to do other stuffs but whenever he felt nauseous, he used to sit and take rest for a while right on that place.But, this time it was quite really high.That happened when he was in his home, he felt like he got an electric shock inside his head.The pain was really unbearable this time which made him pass out instantly.This time it was his mom who ran to him.She seemed worried or way more than that.She took him on her lap and started shaking him and was crying,"Son? what happened honey come on wake up".Tears falling down from her eyes while doing all that.When he did not wake up even after doing all that she finally called his dad and told him to come immetiately. His dad came within fifteen minutes and they both took him to the hospital.This time they took him to a better hospital with high facilities or you can say a trusted one.

The doctor immediately took him to the emergency room as he was still unconcious.After 20 or 30 minutes later the doctor came out with the test report in his hand.The doctor looked sad, his mom and dad ran to the doctor to ask what happened and the doctor replied,"Its a brain cancer, your son is suffering from brain cancer and it is in the last stage.Sorry we can't do anything now.I wish you could have brought him here a month ago.May be we could have done something but now, its too late." His mom fell on the floor hearing that and was sobbing like a little child. His father hold her and tried to console her but how could a person be consoled when he/she came to know that his/her son is going to die.You could see tears in his dad's eyes but he was not crying because he had to stand strong just for his family. After making his wife sit on the chair he turned to the doctor and asked the most painful question which no one would ever dare to ask. He asked,"How much time?". The doctor understood what he was trying to ask. So he said,"6 months, but there is 10% chances that it may increase to 7 or 8 months if he would take care of himself and take the medicines on time." "I am sorry I can't do anything", the doctor appolozised for not being able to help them.

When the doctor was telling all those things to his father he was listening everything from behind the door of his room.After talking to his father, when the doctor was again entering the room to do some checkups, he quickly went to his bed and was started acting like as if he didn't hear anything. But inside he knew every truth and about whats going to happen to his life.The doctor advised him to take care of himself, to take medicine on time and not to worry too much. He got discharged from the hospital on the very same day.

After reaching home he told his parents that he wanted to rest and did not want anyone to disturb him as he wanted to spend some times alone. His parents agreed cause they too wanted him to take his time and to do whatever he liked and yes they didn't wanted to disturb him either.He spent the next 11 days in his room.He did nothing on those 10 days just cried sitting in his room and putting the curtain on as he didn't wanted anyone to see his tears.He used to do nothing he didn't even take bath on those 10 days.But he used to brush his teeth and wash his face with just water to look fresh so that his parents could think that he was happy.His mom used to come on the morning to give him the breakfast and used to clean his room on the same time.He even used to had his lunch and dinner in his room.His mom used to feel sad seeing that but she could not show her pain, the agony she was feeling as she didn't wanted her son to be sad and broke apart.She used to go out from there after cleaning the room and taking the dishes back.

On the 11th day he took the whole day thinking about his past, about the things he could not able to do and the things he can do.Now he thought of doing the things that he wanted for so long.He thought of living his life the way he wanted.No rules, no boundaries nothing.On the 12th day he got up early in the morning at 5 o'clock and went for jogging.After returning home he got freshed and made breakfast for himself and also for his parents and for the first time in those 12 days they were sitting together and having their breakfast.He talked to his parents and laughed.Seeing that his mom's eyes filled with tears, a tiny drop of tear rolled down her cheek.Slowly wiping the tears from her eyes his father said,"Don't worry honey, I told you our son is brave enough to face his problems." "Yes I am cause I don't want to sit on my dark room anymore and wait for my death." He said his father."You know that?, but how?", His father asked in shock. "Yes I know that and you dont have to worry about me anymore cause now I am going to fulfil my dreams." "okay! do whatever you want but be safe." said his mom."sure mom I'll ." He replied."Wherever you go just return for your chemotheraphy on time", Said his father in an ordering manner."ok dad! I'll be there on time", He agreed.

The very next day he packed his bag and got started for the things he wanted to do for so long. He wanted to go on a mountain hiking and one plus point is that there are mountains not much away from his house.So its didnt take him long to do that.He returned from there in just two days.The second thing he wanted to do was to see the Mt. Everest from closer.Though he couldn't climb that but he could watch that from closer.He wanted to see that cause he wanted to know that how can someone stand so tall and strong even in that situation.And when he watched that from close enough, he realised that the dedication and the vow he took to never give up made him stand that tall and strong and thats what makes everyone to bow down before him.

His third wish is to go on a wild life adventure.Away from everything, technology, mobile and from the modern world.He wanted to spend some time in peace in the wood.While he was in his adventure he killed a snake for the first time and ate that without salt.He spent three days there staying in a tent house.And when he was returning from his adventure he did the thing which he wanted to do since the day when he was a kid.He donated all his money to an orphanage which he had earned from doing tution in the previous two years.He had earned exactly 25k by doing tuition out of which he donated 24k and kept 1k to return back home.

After returning home he started spending his quality times with his parents, going park and playing with the kids.And in middle of that he also visited the doctor for his regular checkup.He started spending as much time as he could with his family and also with his friends although he didn't had much of them.And at night he used to write stories and poems.But he wanted that people could read his poems and stories.He didn't wanted them to be stored in a case.So, one day while he was searching something on internet, he came to know about a writing app where people could write their poems and stories.He started posting his stories and poems there.

Three months passed by on all these things . On his College Annual Day he decided to give a speech .Although he didnt know how he gonna do that, he was shivering but he dared to give the speech.He went on to the stage.Everyone was looking at him.His heart started beating real fast like a bullet train, but he managed to speak.He said,"ummm! hello! today I am here to give a speech, don't worry it won't take too long.I wanna say is that, people say many things about pain, about the hurt they have got. People say that break up hurts the most, some says that physical pain hurts the most.They want to die cause they think that its hard for them to live their life with the pain they are suffering and give up with their life.But what actually is real pain? and whats that which hurts the most? For me, when you know when you gonna die is the real pain and believe me its hurts the most to live with it when you know that every second of your life you are living will take you to a step closer to your death.You need courage for every step you put cause every step you put is like a countdown and when you want to live and want to feel every emotion in your life but you can't is the real pain. BTW I dont have any girlfriend. I was thinking of having one but then, all these happened.I wanted to feel that emotion too. Wanted to feel the love, wanted to love someone like never before with all my heart and give her the happiness she deserve.But that can't be happened you know. Life itself made fun of me and started flowing against my way.I just want to say is that, feel every emotions, live your life the way you want before its too late.Thank you!."

When he finished his speech everyone appreciated what he said .His parents were standing on the corner, droplets of tears were falling down their cheeks.They must be proud of their son.

Life gives everyone second chance but it gave me six months.You dont know how much time you left in this world so respect your life and dont live your life the way it is, live it the way you want. Everything is temporary in this world except your deeds.Do good deeds so that people would remember you. Hi! my name is Aman and this is my story. 


  • Nice!

    Sep 10, 2019

  • Life is very much taken for granted. And if people die much earlier then expected they may regret it.. great write..

    Sep 11, 2019

  • Sep 11, 2019

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