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A fan of Naruto?

Love twisting plotlines and unfurnished romance that'll leave emotionally numb??
Interested in original characters that don't have you screaming "Mary-sue" every other paragraph?!

Well, you've come to the right author!

Give me a follow on several of these sites to dig deeper into my books, or simply ask for more of my writings to be published here!

Wattpad — @Winter_Raven
Quotev — @WinterRaven3561
Launchora — @Winter Raven

Below, is a list of the following stories written up and ready to be judged by your all-knowing eyes!


– Farewell [Kakashi x oc]
–Red Leaves [Kakuzu x oc]
– Forever Beautiful [Kisame x oc]
– For the People [Obito x oc]
– Waterfall [Deidara x oc]
– Nimble [Hidan x oc]


– Plumeria
– Frost Demon
– Arise

But in all seriousness, please leave any comment, I can't grow if readers stay silent.
Thank you!

- W.R


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    Sep 10, 2019

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