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Memmories make a men meaningful.
Sad memmories make a men pain.But the happiest memmories take the men
more happy. I am thinking about my last memmories.It was very painfull...
Now I am remembering my tears on my parent's words at me. It is right that the words can destroy a heart. 
I thought i am a trash for a while. Why 
does my mom use such words at me?
I don't know how could I make use my 
Self to help her.The thing is easy,my 
Works are not perfect. It is main reason for my pain.I know I have to 
better in my works.But I can't.......
 Now I am trying to understand all.
None of as are perfect I know. But I have to do something for my mom.
  Behind all these,the right thing is my
Mother is my pain killer........


  • Sep 10, 2019

  • way to get it off your chest..

    Sep 11, 2019

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