Pain.....IS Beauty Read Count : 40

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      When Jessica was in the 3rd grade, she was the most popular kid in school. She had 4 boys who like her. She was a gold digger. She has her own Golf Cart. When she hit middle school, man was she ugly. She tried to be prettier for middle school so boys can get attractive to her.
      None liked her. She finished reading class and 3 girls walked up to her. “Hi” the first girl said. “Umm.... hi?” Jessica said with her eyes wide. “We just wanted to let you know that your so ugly...” the second girl said.
      “Well that’s not really nice.” Jessica said with her hands crossed. “But, we may no a trick or two... to fix your disgusting problem.” The last girl said. Jessica nods slowly with her eye brows  up. “And who are you three anyway?” Jessica asked. “The first one here is Bettie, the second one here is Andrea, and I’m Bethany.” Bethany said.
        They held Jessica’s arm and pulled her to the bathroom. They looked through their purse and grabbed a pair of scissors. Jessica gulps.
“Ok, so your name is Jessica right?” Bettie asked. “Uh, yes” Jessica said. Bettie nods and whispers something to Andrea’s ear. She mumbles words.
        “Ok, so me and the girls decided that you could be one of us. BUT, you need to remember that I’m the leader.” Bethany said. “Ok...” Jessica said. Andrea grabs the scissors and cuts Jessica’s hair. “AH!!! What are you doing??” Jessica asked. Andrea rolls her eyes and says, “ugh! You want to look pretty right? Then let us make your hair shorter and wackier.”
         Jessica gulps again and nods. Andrea continues cutting. After they finished, they made her hair curly and straight up. Bethany gives her a black outfit. Bettie gives her red lip stick and blue eye shadow. Jessica finished and came out. She looks at the mirror and sees some blood dripping from her ear and head.
     “What the hell? What did you do!?” Jessica shouted. Bettie looks at her seriously and says, “we fixed you...” Jessica slams their purses to the ground. “You ruined me!!” Jessica shouted. Andrea laughs and says, “Honey... Pain is bueaty. It’s what makes you so perfect. “Yeah right...” Jessica said.
      As she walked out of the bathroom, boys stared at her and gave her the love eye. Then, one of the guys came up to her and said, “your bleeding...” Jessica grabs her cigarette and says, “tell me about it.... stud” The boy holds her hand. 
       They were really into each other. They started dating. Soon, Jessica realized that the girls were right. Pain is bueaty...


  • PhieroFOX •\\\•

    PhieroFOX •\\\•

    WARNING: do not try this at home!!!! This is just for fun! We good? good! 👌🏻

    Sep 10, 2019

  • Broken



    Sep 10, 2019

  • ...😐😐😐 so....thats why people say that, I look comfortable.....

    Sep 10, 2019

  • Cheryl  Walkerson

    Cheryl Walkerson

    totally it's perfect

    Feb 06, 2020

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