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You've all been through a severe thunderstorm warning or even a tornado...
That is, if you live in the great plains, and Eastern woodland areas, (the Eastern and Western 
You all know, that's where the Jetstream is,
And what happens when warm air from the Jetstream and cooler air from up North collide...?
We get tornadic energy....
And as if just tornadic energy alone isn't enough?! 
Well why the hell not add greenhouse gases and pollution in the air?!
You all know the mesosphere right...?
Well what happens when warm luminescent air collides with a cold, giant, layer of mass...?
It shatters and it falls....
Now, there are always chunks of mesosphere falling all the time, but what happens when it collides with America's greenhouse gases....it becomes a food, a resource for tornadoes and severe weather...you may be asking, "Rainee, why are you writing this?! Out of all of the things you could be writing, you write this nerdy crap?! Seriously?!"
Well, let me tell you, as I'm writing this now, there actually is a current thunderstorm outside, right now....
You ask, "are you scared, do you feel alone..?"
No, and...no....
I don't have a reason to fear weather,
But I also have my reasons to dislike it....
The howling of the wind....the flashes of lightning, followed by thunders great roar....
Then...you come face-to-face with the real storm....the black swirling winds, taking shape as a cone:  A tornado.... beautiful sight isn't it....you would think so....until your ears start to pop, that's how you know,
You're too close....
No these do not scare me, how?
You ask,
Well.... it's just the fact that.... I've been traumatized and gone through so much with weather, that makes me so fucked up now....that severe weather....just makes me........... Emotionless... paralyzed.... can't feel the pain of others... 

Severe weather...is nothing but a tractor, telling me....that the only way to escape my fear, is to do it....
So, that's why if someone asks me, "What do you wanna be when you grow up..?"
"Well I, I want to be a storm chaser..." 


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    Sep 10, 2019

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