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            You've all probably done something stupid in your life, right?
I'm not alone.... Right...?
Welp if your answer is yes, then let us continue, shall we?

           All of us have done something stupid like, autocorrect, misdoings, doing the opposite of what you're supposed to do.
Yeah, we've all had those times...and if you haven't........then.... I want you to do something stupid, right now!

         Literally, anything stupid... From forgetting to mow the setting the entire forest on fire...... I've done that before......well shit........oh well!
(Slendy please don't kill meh!!!)

         And comment what you did that was stupid, either it was accidental.....or intentional..... whatever it is, comment below, what is the stupidest thing you've ever done....?

   Have a great and bloody day!

(P.s...for all those suicidal people out there, please don't say existing for the stupidest thing you've done, I wanna keep things more positive around here, so please name something else stupid that u've done)


  • Phiero FOX

    Phiero FOX

    Don’t worry girl, I did some stupid things in my life also, I tried to hand my clothes but instead I got my head stuck in the hanger..... XD I have a freaking picture of it and my mom won’t delete it!!!!!

    Sep 09, 2019

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