I Fell In Love With My Sisters Boy... (part 3) Read Count : 47

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I run outside to tell him to stop,
But he was long gone...
I start to cry
Kayla comes in with my phone

Alyssa?! What happened??

Kayla notices the kiss marks on me

Why are there kiss marks on yo-

Jake comes in with a ice pack.
He freezes

Are these... your kiss marks? JAKE? ARE THEY???

Jake doesn’t move
I turn my sisters head around

Sis, calm down...

She hits my arm


She pushes Jake out of the way and runs out
I sigh and look at jake
He looks at me back
We smile and start to laugh a bit
I get up and hug him
I start to blush
He hugs me back
We stay in this position for a bit 
We let go

Alyssa... I love you...

I-I love y-you too jake

We start to date for the past months
On October, we headed to the beach

Jake, I wanted to say that for the last 2 months, I really had fun... I just don’t know we’re my sister is now..

Alyssa... she is gone, she doesn’t like us, it’s not our fault we like each other... I just like you so much

I look at him and smile sweetly


We hold hands
We make it there and set up our spot, until I see her
My sister
She is now a bad ass girl 
She starts to smoke, with her black outfit and sun glasses. 
She looks at me. 
She points at me and calls me over there
I go

We’re not done yet sis, this is just the beginning, imigane the end, terrible luck sis.. hahaha

I start to get scared. 
I go back to Jake.

(WARNING: you probably know what’s gonna happen... 0.0)

I get on top of him
I kiss him.
He drops his book and hugs me and kisses me.
I start to turn and see that he is holding me by the back. I turn and twist until I catch my breath

God.. your so cute

I continue to kiss him
We hold and let go

Be ready... for Kayla, she said she will be coming soon

Don’t worry, we will be ready

I look to my side and see her with a group of bad ass boys and girls with bats in their hands



  • Phiero FOX

    Phiero FOX

    Can we please have a moment for my sister... She came home 9 days ago... she’s still grounded for what she did, which you will see in the next part. It’s so aggressive. And me and Jake are still dating so that’s good! ❤️

    Sep 09, 2019

  • ooooo! Gurl it's about to go dooooooooown!🖤🖤🖤🖤

    Sep 09, 2019

  • Broken


    not that it is any of my beeswax but (I don't think you and Jake are ok) maybe if you apologized to her and told her you really were sorry. or maybe if Jake broke up with her first, it would be alright, but I really can't blame her, sorry.

    Sep 09, 2019

  • Let her te the story god people

    Feb 06, 2020

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