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The part that’s tearing me apart is the darkness that lies inside. The daily tearing battle I have with my alcoholic demons, from the drug addiction slaves that are buried deep within. I’m a prisoner in my own head get me out of this I scream .. no use they can’t hear me nor even see the distraction static that’s buzzing in my ear . Temptation and stress pull me each way just a little sip to put me in place , maybe a line to make me feel fine and let this night just pass me by ... tainted dreams scattered memories .. these walls hold so many lies if only they could talk then no one would like who they truly seen  .. let me slip off into the darkness that consumes me maybe then ... just maybe I’ll feel at peace ...


  • don't worry, you still have us.... you'll get through this...i promise...but please promise me something.... promise you will stop drinking and druging....?

    Sep 09, 2019

  • Sep 09, 2019

  • i am an active alcoholic. And i still dont know why. When i was younger i drank to get high. But no matter how hard i want to i cant stop. Im so close but i get very sick if i dont drink. It used to be like an escape for me but all it brings are more chains. If your not a stage 4 alcholic like me.. please please reconsider drinking yourself to death and not getting anything out ofbit.. Let me know if i can help.. xoxo

    Sep 09, 2019

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