A Letter To Money Read Count : 52

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I know that you are too busy with other people but me
But you promised to drop by soon as long as I worked hard
The cable warned this afternoon
The creditor called
My daughter was given a notice at school to give me
My sister's tuition fee is due also
In short, everything is about to explode right in my very own face ... we need you, please...

My warm regards,

The stranded one.


  • i am very poor. little food, no cigarettes, no car, don't have bus fare. no children & no family. wat do U do? i guess keep sucking air bcuz have only 1 other option...

    Sep 09, 2019

  • Moneys nothing but wicked greed. Believe that God will help you. Moneys not worthy of this note. Good luck

    Sep 09, 2019

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