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🤡You"ll Float too...You"ll Float too..🤡


7 Friends,1 Clown and a Final Chapter......Is it a good movie?...Is it Better than the First one?...Was it worth it all?....


1.Casting:"THE BEST THING ABOUT THIS MOVIE IS ITS CASTING."All the actors are casted perfectly according to their child actors.Same actor was casted for Pennywise and the casting is the Best Part of the movie.

2.Acting:Acting covers up the Dull And Lazy Screentime.All the characters make us immersed into their world very quickly.And yes definitely Pennywise was as Best as the First One.

3.Scarejumps:Not just usual scarejumps with the max volume in the background unlike the other movies,but this one had really good and entertaining Scarejumps.If you are a light hearted,Strictly stay away from this!


1.Storyline : If you have not watched the First Part, get a brief idea about IT from your friends or else your Brain will disappear from its place.

2.Length : In this Busy world, its very difficult to watch a movie of 2hr 50mins in a theatre.And actually when some scenes could have literally made towards the cut.(Stretched 2nd Half)



IT : CHAPTER 2 is a good but stretched horror Film.All the actors and Pennywise make IT a One Time watch movie.



Watch out for

1.Fresh Horror Scenes

2.True form of Pennywise🎈

3.Emotions,Good Dialogues and Witty Jokes(Eng)

4.Strong Connectivity of the Both Movies as a Complete Whole Chapter


                                       Aapka Pyaara,



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    Sep 08, 2019

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