Freedom Ain't For Me. Read Count : 44

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my name is Johnny wilterfield‚ I was once a kid before I got in this dump‚ but not everyone needs freedom like me I don't need it for what I done was unforgivable, but let me tell you my story of how I was sent to prison.

I was walking down the street with my friend Gilbert, we weren't in a gang but we always felt like we were our own gang, but while me and Gilbert were walking we seen a store we never seen before so me and Gilbert walk inside the store. This day was the scariest day of my life when we walked in the store a man with a all black mask was robbing the store the man in the black mask turned around and seen me and Gilbert we tried to run but the man in the all black masked grabbed my friend Gilbert and pointed a gun at Gilberts head and pulled the trigger and shot Gilbert, Gilberts body drops to the floor and makes a big thump noise “your next”the man In the all black masked said.  I fell and my body couldn't move it was like my body was paralyzed, I was so afraid, I thought I was gonna die. But as soon as the man in the all black masked grabbed me I remember the pocket knife I took from my mom this morning to open the package i was given from my grandma in Michigan. With the pocket knife I had in my pocket I stabbed the man in the neck and the man dropped me and the gun I hurry and picked up the gun and shot the man 3 time in the head after the man died I blamed everyone in the store for my friend Gilberts 
Death and then shot the cashier and took the money in the cashier, after I took the money I ran out the store as fast as I can with me not knowing the police were called long before I came, as soon as I ran through the double doors police were surrounded around the doors from outside with there guns pointed at me “get on the ground or we'll shoot ” the police yelled. In a split second I turned around and bust through the double doors and ran into the store as I was running I seen a door I ran towards it hoping it would lead outside. I bust through the door and as I predicted it lead outside, I ran even faster I seen a parking lot full of cars I ran towards the closest car I seen, I broke the window with my elbow unlocked the door and hopped in the car I try to start the car by the wires but it doesn't work, the cops get closer I keep trying all of a sudden “vroom” the car goes I get up as fast as possible and press the gas in relief then I feel a sharp pain on my elbow I check it out I was leaking blood from hitting the car glass window I start to feel dizzy from losing to much blood from my elbow, “swerve” the car went. I guess it was because of the my adrenaline that I didn't feel pain in my elbow. Almost hitting the street light pole I turned in a empty ile hopped out out the car burnt it and ran limping as I continued running I tripped, fell and struggling to get up.

To be continued....


  • I hope it good my first story I'll make a PT 2 if it's good

    Sep 08, 2019

  • Sep 08, 2019

  • Great imagination.. Dont get any ideas :) You might want to try working on your punctuation so the words dont run togather. I see a pretty good story. Chapter 2

    Sep 08, 2019

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