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Hi! Thank you for reading my series! And thank you for encouraging me! So I decided to give you a extra longer writing! 
Hope you enjoy!


Someone Want My Help

20 minutes of walking finally ended, and I arrived at the school of the prison.

I went to my locker to change my shoes. In Japan, there's have room for students to change shoes. I got used and I want to be a Japanese student as possible.

As I untied my left boot, someone tapped me on my shoulder. Don't this person see what I try to do?

Me: I can hear you without making eye contact, speak up.

I said as I put my boot in my locker and put my shoe on.

Someone: Ah, actually, I want to talk to you in private.

A deep voice, this person should be male. I clicked my tongue again as I untied my right boot.

Me: Are you stupid? We are alone.

I quickly put the shoe on after I put the right boot in the locker.

The male: Oh, right.

I straight up, and have a good look at this person. And clicked my tongue again.

I realized him. He is the most pain in the neck. (My prefer for popular.)

I noticed that his hair root is black meanwhile all of his hair is blond.

Me: So, what the heck you want?

Pain in the neck: I want your help, Yo-yo.

I laughed so hard than Iris made me. Yule then yo-yo? That made my day. My tears fall a little as I looked at this boy's puzzled face.

Me: Yoko, not yo-yo, and no, I refuse to be your replacement for yo-yo toy.

Pain in the neck: Ah, no, that's not what I meant. I want your help with ghost thingy!

The word, "ghost" stopped my laughter instantly.

Me: Bet you a pardon?

Pain in the neck: Ah, that's will so embarrassing.

I pointed to his face so close like last time with Kai.

Me: Tell me now, or I will make sure to show you how strong is the devil's attacks!

He was frozen for a short time. Funny thing is he is taller than me, yet he still afraid of me.

Pain in the neck: A month ago, my friends and I played an Ouija game.

Of course, many people are stupid enough to play this game. In my knowledge of history. This game is actually a sealed board.

When Supirittoherupā trapped black ghosts, they always spend in a sealed place like the game. When people open and talk to the Ouija game, the ghost can be released and haunting people for the whole life. And Supirittoherupā has to catch black ghosts again.

Me: YOU, IDIOT. (You really do want to put us in a hard time?)

I said aloud then mumbled, I want to hide my secret as long as possible.

Pain in the neck: What?

Me: Do not make me say again.

Pain in the neck: Sorry! And so after my friends go back to their home. I notice supernatural thing appeared anywhere and I keep have bad luck since then.

I nodded my head slowly.

Pain in the neck: someone really tried to kill me! Three weeks ago, there's a floating knife and it threw toward me, lucky enough, I managed to dodge it and run out my house.

I still can't let him know about me. Because it's maybe a prank. And I hate to hear stupid jokes for a year.

Me: So? Why did you tell me? The person that everyone hates?

Pain in the neck: Well I was searching for someone to help me. I don't want someone to think that I am crazy.

I rolled my eyes. Such a selfish reason. Suddenly I saw Kai float behind pain in the neck slowly. Kai has an irritated face. I actually can't blame him.

Pain in the neck: So I found out that there's called Supi-uh it's hard to pronounce Japanese word.

I can feel my heart roaring.

Pain in the neck: Since you can speak Japanese, can you translate what I going say?

No way, but that's would lead to breaking through my secret?

Me: Sure?

Pain in the neck: Perfect. Spirit helper.

Knew it.

Me: Supirittoherupā?

Pain in the neck: Yes! that's what I found out!

I nodded my head annoyed.

Pain in the neck: But all of them is in Japan and I also found a list of name.

Of course, I am the strongest Supirittoherupā, so I do not surprise that I am on the list.

Pain in the neck: I found your name and your look on the picture. You are a spirit helper, don't you?

What should I answer this?



Yoko thinks that blond boy is

a bully.

But I want to give you a choice.

Do you want the blond boy to be nice or mean?

Choose wisely,

They can change whole series completely!

Thank you for reading! 😉


  • school of prison is...GODDAMN RIGHT!😠 NO SCHOOL! NO SCHOOL! NO SCHOOL! Srsly tho, whoever created school, well lets just say...they were probably drunk....--____--

    Sep 08, 2019

  • Broken


    can the blond boy be nice. srsly all the boys that are blond seem to be taken as mean boys. it needs to be changed, do nice all the way, also can you make him believe in demons? i know it's strange and random, but it's just a question

    Sep 08, 2019

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