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Moving forward-thrown back
Hit the ground like a potato sack
The ups and downs of life 
Why not just cut me with your knife 

Been here before-will be here again 
But it ain’t gonna work anymore 
Ive lived the good life  for many years 
And I’m coming back to score

The demons of death tried to get me 
And my family as well 
As I traveled the road to recovery 
I kicked them back to Hell

Have lived through the worst nightmare 
a dad can have 
Worked furiously to overcome death’s grip
Yes some pain still remains 
But I’m determined to take the good trip 

We have given the ability to make a choice 
Have seen friends and others caught 
In the trap
I choose never to lose again 
Whatever you use-I’ll be back

I’m no hero and no Superman 
I just have been on both sides 
I will do whatever I have to do
To stay on the quality ride


  • 👏👏👏well written my friend, well written 🖤🖤🖤

    Sep 07, 2019

  • 💜

    Sep 07, 2019

  • A good attitude to have in this day and age. Xoxo

    Sep 08, 2019

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