Their Weapon.... Read Count : 22

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Sub Category : History
Incomparable in many ways... With fatal flaws in every way... Yet they were jealous... Armed with tools to cut and slay they slew him dead one fateful day... Yet they still were jealous... Oh it made them feel like a God to wave a mic and move the wave... Yet they still were jealous... Embedded in history never going away the legacy made them jealous... So they found a new prey... Strengthen yourself young man for the crowd your father fought are bearing arms again... I watch the slick comments and doublespeak made for brilliant minds and nimble feet... New reasons for them to be jealous.... You are not me you are not him the sooner you become you you will slay them.. And they will still be jealous... A hateful swarm that does surround picking and judging to tear you down...  I think they want to wear my skin... So imagine what they would do to you of him... Everything but cutting me open and stepping inside... I find no limits to this awful pride... All fueled with the jealous.... They read your mind and smell your poop if they could... Theyll Arewear your dirty underwear from what I understood... It's a sickness but let them tell it they're the good.... Insane with jealous... I am not you and I don't know him I'm sorry the truth is being used as your torment but it lets me know the jealous is vehement it is not you sin who would torture a child who had no part in... All because of the jealous.... This proves to me it's not out of love or desire for their actions resemble wrath and chaos others are dying encore.... Another round of jealous... No damn reason to discuss the topic over 10 yrs later unless you bought salt and a knife for premeditated wounds... Cutting down your psyche building a living man's tomb... No one around you to constructively remove someone elses wounds they glued to your body waiting since they day you were in the womb... It's not your fault not your burden to bear... It never will be even if you lash out in despair... Remove all the layers the the bystanders sword you'd find a pinch of jealous lighting the flame in their other explanation will suffice for the pain they have caused... This is not a tv show.... This is jealous doing everything but crawling in your skin to be you


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