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When I was 15 my life completely changed. I became someone I thought I'd never be, you see throughout my teen years I was your quiet kid. I kept myself to myself and didn't really interact with anyone, it took me years to be able to socialise with people my age. Found it very difficult to make/create friendships.   And talking to women was something I felt impossible. My confidence was at it's lowest, I was bullied both at school and at home. There was no was no escape from who I was I felt alone and ashamed of myself, happiness was something I never really felt. I eventually felt comfortable with it. But I wouldn't say I liked it.

In secondary school it became so much stress, hassle, and constant bullying that I finally decided to make a stand for myself. I ended up taking 2 years off school and being home schooled from the years 9 to 11. Through those 2 years I began to go through a change I started working out and going to the gym, being home schooled and creating something that in a sense is still here today without that side of me. I wouldnt be who I am today.  I started studying Kung Fu. Helping to gain my confidence and so forth. It took alot of effort and coming out of my comfort zone. I found release in writing as a hobby. Creating stories that I put myself in as the Characters who were the heroes or popular ones. 

But, the personality I created took over. I felt more confident as this personality, my nerves began to ease, I felt more powerful more human, more interactive etc. And as I got ready to set out the door I heard this voice inside me say "You have me now Carl. Let's go take on the world" with that I left for school.   That day was the birth of my personality "Ckay" and this is my story. 
 It kinda helped me build this personality, a personality people recognize today. As those 2 years came to an end I ended going back to school for my final year to do my GCSE exams etc.   I remember that morning like it was yesterday, getting ready for school that morning. I was nervous as hell as I hadn't interacted with anyone for those 2 years I was off, I stayed home and gym alone that was it.  So you can imagine how my nerves were that day. 


  • Sep 06, 2019

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