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Once ago there were to kids in school wait isi they both are in trouble but they don't know each other they see each other then one day the boy was at his friends house and when he got there he saw the girl there so when he left he ask to use her phone to call him mom to get him then when he got home he got the number then got his phone and texts the girl then a couple days later the boy ask the girl to be his girlfriend she said yes so let's go a couple months later the boy and girl were texting and the boy ask they girl are we braking up the girl said do you the boy said no I am asking you the girl said yes the boy was sad but the boy found a girl he likes but the girl don't like him so the boy want to have couriered to ask the girl on a date but to be contendud


  • Grayson Taylor

    Grayson Taylor

    love it

    Sep 10, 2019

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