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Stupid Jokes

I looked around my path. I do not have time to fight any animals such as bears and snakes. Yes, I can fight against the bear even with two.

I spotted the stone tail, finally, in the city. I looked behind me to make sure Kai is here with me. But as I look behind, I carelessly walk and bumped someone.

I turn my head around and plan to apologize for bumping into. But I quickly changed my mind, this person is my biggest rival.

Me: Iris?

Iris looked me in a surprised face. And point me with her index finger. I clicked my tongue again. The trouble is here.

Iris: Yule?

I can't help myself but laugh hard. My name is a Japanese name, so Americans have a hard time to pronounce my name.

The reason why I laugh what she just called me. Yule is an old word for Christmas. And I, not a happy person like Kai.

Me: Yoko, not Yule.

I said as I gasped for air after laughed so hard. Iris narrowed her eyes on me.

Iris: Whatever, Do you live in the forest? I saw you went out of this forest.

Well, that's will be a pain in the neck.

Me: Yeah, What's a problem with that?

I crossed my arms while holding my case. I can see Kai's puzzled face. Iris comes out a dramatic gasp. It looks like she been to have a long yawn. I have a hard time to laugh out loud.

Iris: That's so terrible! I never knew that your families are too poor to live in a big city!

I rolled my available hand up to a fist. I think that she's may will in the hospital for any seconds now.

Me: I don't have a family. I live alone.

Iris: In the forest?! Well, I don't blame them since you are a rotten brat!

She said as she laughed and look me at the same time. I knew that she wants to see my reaction. If she wants my reaction, okay, wish granted.

I take a deep breath in. And close my eyes.


  • shouldn't have done that dear iris....

    Sep 07, 2019

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